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On the Beach....Byron Bay

We were lucky enough to be in Byron Bay for a few days last week. Amazingly beautiful place with a thriving bike culture....which is heartening given how car centric the town is. I have loads of photos so will be posting as many as I can over the coming days.  I hope you enjoy them...♥♥♥

Stripes....Byron Bay

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Lipton Bikes....Brisbane

Been around Brisbane today.  I was expecting to see more people on bikes especially with their bike hire scheme. It was after hours of walking around that I managed to get this photo of a lovely lady in her killer boots. 

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Before the Rain.....Fremantle

I took some photos around Fremantle today.  Lots of bikes on the streets on a warm winters day.  Not sure that it was t-shirt weather though! Rain on the way tonight......♥♥

Green.....William Street

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Winter Bike Inspiration No 4.....Amsterdam


With the stormy weather in Perth of late making the bike seem like a hard option, it's time to post some more inspirational photos from the European winter. Check out the cycle chic on the snowy streets of Amsterdam. No excuses!!...♥♥♥