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For Sascha....Amsterdam

One of Belles main contributors, Sascha M, is heading back to her home town of Melbourne tomorrow. Very sad! We will miss her heaps and heaps. On a brighter note, we look forward to lots of bike photos from Melbourne (just so we can size up the competition!) and maybe even some holidays snaps when she heads OS in the next few weeks.  Thanks for all your great snaps around Perth, Sascha!! ♥♥

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I ♥ Bike Century....Back to our Future

Copenhagenize are relaunching Bike Century and "looking forward to seeing millions of people signing up for this event all over the world. But hurry!! You have to sign up and pledge to ride a bicycle BEFORE 31 December 2099!"

Make this the best Bike Century ever and pledge your participation by joining the Bike Century Facebook Group...

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On the Street.....Amsterdam

With Perth having just experienced one of the warmest Autumns on record I thought it fitting to post this photo I took in Amsterdam last December. I will also leave you with this quote from Mike Rubbo "... a country which can’t or won't use bikes as transport for short utility trips, is not serious about global warming."